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Men & Women see the world differently - Science Proves it

I hear my wife walk in the door and she seems to be walking with a little more "pep in her step" than usual. I say hello and look back down at my laptop and figure she was in a good mood. I hear the foot steps coming closer and then I recognize that oh so familiar sound you become a custom to the longer you are married.

It's the sound of your wife as she is trying to clear her throat. "UHH UMM".

I always try to have some fun with it and pretend she really is trying to clear her throat and don't pay attention to it. (hey it's the little things in life that amuse me)

By the third "UHHHH UMMM" I definitely have to look up just in case mouth to mouth really is needed and I have to resuscitate her or because I might have to dodge the size 9 wedge being thrown at my head. (I'm never lucky enough for it to be the mouth to mouth)

Then the hair flip and model poses proceed and I think to myself:

-"Ok Ryan, you are supposed to be noticing something, choose wisely."

-"Its got to be the hair, go with the hair, she is moving it around more than Willow Smith"

Me:-" Your hair looks good babe"

Wife: "You Like it?"

Men let me just stop here and give you one piece of advice, if your wife or girlfriend ask's you if you like her new hairstyle - ALWAYS SAY "YES, IT LOOKS REALLY GOOD"

If you say yes, yup, or even hesitate for more than 1.5 seconds - your world will quickly get flipped upside down and you will be in the dog house the rest of the day.

Men don't notice these things the way women do. I have tried to tell my wife that and have finally found the proof!

The study, published in the Journal Of Vision, found where you look, and how long you stare, has a lot to do with gender. The trial took 405 participants and had them wear eye-tracking devices for 5 weeks. The idea was to gauge each person’s level of eye-contact with a face on a computer screen. For men, it wasn’t very much. Although, for women, there was a significant “left eye bias” when looking at other women — and it had nothing to do with their favorite member of TLC. They found that women explored male and female faces more overall, while men preferred to stay within the eye region. (Likely, more than one woman in their life told them their eyes were “up here.”)

Researchers found that because men and women differed so much, they could actually predict a subject’s gender based on visual scanning patterns with 80 percent accuracy. Authors of the study concluded that further research could change how experts approach everything from autism diagnosis, to everyday behaviors like watching the road while driving … and then not stopping for directions. So, yes, it turns out men and women literally see differently. (See I knew I wasn't crazy) So next time wifey walks in the room cover up one eye or the other and she will know you are trying your best. haha.


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