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From Magic Mike to Magic Moments - The Dad Series



Beach cruiser✔️

It was summertime at the oceanfront and all that was necessary in my early twenties was an early-morning surf followed by my shift at Coastal Edge (local Virginia Beach surf, skate, snow retailer).

-I was free to roam

-Free to flirt

-Free to act however I chose

Commitments were just a daytime thing. All responsibilities and morals would be thrown out the window once the sun went down. I had a group of friends that all had the same inventory and ideas as me. We would go out at night and pretend there was nothing in the world that mattered except for the moment. The only ambitions or goals I had were made nightly and let me just tell you they were not in the self improving category.

Like Magic Mike I'm sure I could be seen with my shirt off dancing with some woman in the bar pretending like I was part of the Jabbawockeez dance crew.

As the years went by the memories and the fun became less and less. Alcohol became more prevalent which made it harder to function during the day due to a constant hangover.

I realized that this life was no longer fun and that I needed to get this train going in the right direction.

The one good shining light towards the end of that chapter was I had met this amazing blonde haired girl named Christina.

She came into my life at a time where I spiritually needed the most help. In a weird way it was like she was just all of a sudden placed in front of me. It was as if God was looking down and said to his angels (in a deep God voice, - that's how I seem to think it would sound. Haha)

"okay it's time to redeem my investment. I have sacrificed too much for that young man to be moving in the direction that he is headed. It's time to execute plan Christina."

This girl swept me off of my feet. I got the biggest feeling of sensation & love the first time I hung out with her. God had changed my course and changed the path of the train that I was on.

See I was a runaway freight train that kept gaining speed the more and more it went on. There were many people that knew that my train was headed their way and they would position themselves at a junction to try to throw the switch to get this train to go on a different track.

No one's strength could move that lever. It wasn't until that train was seconds away from crashing that the supernatural stepped in and flipped the switch that save my train.

My world was brought to a halt and it was time to take inventory on what was still left and what was going to be needed for the next Journey.

This time Christina would be a passenger on my train and help me realize that instead of speeding to get to the next destination, that I should slow down and stop and look out the windows. Stop and look at all the beautiful sites, sounds and people that were out there.

She was right, there were the most precious things out there that I hadn't even stopped to see. There was amazing people with amazing stories and by slowing the train down and stopping every once in a while I could actually let people board. So I did, people got on the train and sat to eat, drink, laugh and tell stories.

What I have come to realize is, it's not the journey that the train is on it's the passengers on that train that make the experience.

Once I became a dad of four beautiful children I realized that my train had sped up again. I was trying to test this new track that was being paved and laid down so I knew it was safe for my kids to eventually get on.

I realized once again when it came full circle that they too will have their own journeys and they will have to pave their own way. I needed to again slow this journey down to a crawl and enjoy every sight, scene and magic moment that happens. Truly stop and get out and experience the world with them so that way they remember those magic moments as do I.

In the end we are all headed for the same stop at the end of the track. What matters most is getting off at some stops and spending time making memories with each other

As Dad's we need to realize that our wife and kids are not an inconvenience.

They are a purpose of everything that we do.

Yes we want to provide

Yes we want to give them safety.

We work so hard our whole life to help them and to make sure they don't go without but we are rushing through everything that actually means something. We don't even realize that we are that train speeding down the tracks not stopping and sharing those magic moments with our most important passengers. So let's get off in a few stops and go enjoy the scenery.

Now go make some magic moments with the people you love.



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