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Dad - The Every Day Super Hero

When I was a kid I remember seeing a sign in my house that said "Anyone can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a Dad". I must have passed that sign a 1000 times and read it over and over but never really understood what it meant. I thought it was some crazy framed picture that my mom picked up on sale from a store. Boy was I wrong about that one, and I didn't realize I was wrong until I was in high school. When I went to high school I realized there were kids all around me that never knew their dad or their dad had left when they were young. I could not for the life of me even fathom that concept. I was lucky. I had a dad that loved me, supported me and wanted nothing but the best for me. Looking back at the relationship I had with my dad and the amount of love he had for me I realized that I was honored and proud that he did what he did and gave everything for me and my sister, even when we were a pain in the ass. (speaking candidly) Once I had my first child (Noah) I realized this dad thing wasn't as easy as all the dad's made it look. Matter of fact it was outright hard!! Changing diapers in a zombie sleep deprived fog every hour of the night. Having a screaming baby wake you up 30 minutes after you just fell asleep from a 12 hour work day, only to do it again in another 3 hours.

We all have our breaking points and the moments where we are pushed too far. Pushed to the point where we begin to ask ourselves why we got ourselves into this situation to begin with. We mentally break and disconnect. The worst part is your other half (wife,girl friend, fiance, baby mamma) is going through the same thing.

It is this moment that will define you and who you are going to be! Are you going to run with your tail between your legs? Are you going to find comfort and self righteousness through another a woman? Are you going to turn to a substance that will mentally and physically take you away from it all?


Are you going to step up and handle business? Are going to give the beautiful & selfless woman ,that just went through 9 months of emotional and physical changes to her body, only to give you the most amazing gift you could receive, a break and offer some help? Are you going to pick your head up, grab another cup of coffee and realize that you have been blessed? Are you going to stay to hear the first word or see the first crawl? If you are blessed enough from God to open up your ears and experience the first time your baby says "DA-DA" you will never be the same again. Your world will be forever changed. The sweet words of serenity will echo in your mind and in your heart forever. In that moment you will become a "DAD". You will then realize that this amazing gift needs your love, attention, trust, protection, and most of all YOUR TIME. Embrace being a Dad, love being a DAD, there are a lot of people out there that would give up everything they have to hear those words or have that feeling. Fathers are a lonely bunch, and they can wallow in their self righteousness and run and hide from their responsibilities but when that day comes when we are face to face with God there is no hiding from the truth. Now Dad's on the other hand, have joined a sacred group that was started long before our time. Most of us strive to follow the greats that have paved the way. We take on the pledge to honor our commitments and handle our responsibilities. Dad's Rule - by Ryan Boyce We are there when you are happy, we are there when you are sad We helped you be good and helped you be bad We make great wrestling partners and big teddy bears A dad starts at the beginning and stays through the years We will carry you on our shoulders when your too tired to walk We make you feel better when your sick and can't talk. We will teach you to build or learn how to fish We will teach you to achieve and learn how to wish We will push you to dream and be who you are Fathers are gone but Dad's are not far We help you become a woman or a great & wise man Fathers say I can't and Dads say I can. Fathers are strangers and Dad's are best friends Remember that Fathers are gone, but Dad's last till the end.

A Dad's Job We are many things and we are not defined by one or two words. We have real names but they have been replaced with Dad, Daddy, DA-DA, Pop, Chief, Pa, Big Daddy and Bald Mommy. These are just some of the many names we answer too among others. We are like superheroes with many identities: I am the Diaper Changer - Pee and Poop is our business and the sewage plant has nothing on us. I am the Teacher - I show you many things in life like the alphabet and how to count. But I teach you the important things like how to play baseball, the names of everyone who's ever been in Star Wars, and how to use the "pull my finger" trick. I am the Keeper of the remote control- No one should fight me on this one. I don't care who you are. You'll lose. (And that goes for you, too, Mommy.) I am the chauffeur- I take my son to school, meet at the doctors office, soccer games, baseball games, the grocery store, and Marvel Super Heroes Live. I am the clown - If my kids are scared or in pain, I will fall down, make funny faces, and talk in silly voices just to make them laugh. I am the chaser of the boogeyman - I make sure my child can go to sleep in peace, knowing that the bad guys from the cartoons they were just watching are nowhere in sight. I am the exterminator - I kill baby spiders so tiny that they can only be seen with a microscope or the eyes of a frightened 4 year old. I am the world's biggest hypocrite - Don't cuss, don't drink, don't smoke, don't do drugs, don't flunk out of college, don't eat junk, and don't avoid vegetables at all cost. Do as I say, not as I did. I am your chef - I can open a can of Chef Boyardee like nobody's business and serve you your feast of spaghetti. (I can cook a mean steak though) I am the toy finder - I'm the one who instructs my child to look under the couch if they somehow misplaced their Star Wars action or Super Hero figure for the 32nd consecutive time in one day!! Without fail, my child is continually amazed every time he finds out the Toy Finder is right. I am Santa Claus - Shhh...don't tell. I am the punisher - I seem larger than life and scary when my kids have done something wrong. I am the music expert - I explain to you the finite nuances between the genres "Hip Hop" and "Rap,", "Alternative" and "Heavy Metal" I am your maid - I constantly clean up your messes, even after telling you repeatedly that I am not your maid and that I will no longer clean up your messes. I am the great contradiction - I tell you to grow up and punish you for acting like a little kid, but then become upset at the thought of you growing up and no longer needing me. I am your Dad - And don't you forget it.

Ryan Boyce

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