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Choco Challenge 2019 Ryan & Christina Boyce

Holy Pits of Hell, this Black Reaper Pepper was intense. From the first bite of this tiny chocolate square the heat intensity sucker punched us. Fuego Box knocked it out of the park with this one and for our first and ONLY attempt at the #chocochallenge2019 I think we did okay. Watch as we take our marriage to new levels by laughing at each other during legit fiery pain.


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We knew the world couldn’t handle simple photos and 300 words or fewer blog posts but for so long before they needed a weekly dose of “WTF did they just say” over the podcast streams. Yep, it’s official, Ryan and I are now the proud owners of another slice of social media real estate where we can boldly talk about all the things that slip into our thoughts.

Let’s start by saying that even with four crazy kids, a booming real estate business and a blog that has become well-liked by many, we are nowhere close to being experts on any of it. Seriously, even we read books and blogs and listen to podcasts on how to be better at what we are doing. So if you are here looking for experts, we are going to attempt to give you semi-accurate advice.

This space is one that we love because it’s the first time we are coming together to share our thoughts and lives with the world. In the past, we have both taken pride in our individual spaces of the cyber world. Finally, we can give a male/female, husband/wife, mother/father voice to real life topics that so many people are also experiencing. How awesome is that?!?

We invite you to come into this space with no expectations and enjoy the content for what it is, bold and honest banter from two imperfect people. Laugh with us (or cry, if it comes to that) and let your guard down. We are all trying to navigate this crazy fast-paced world one day at a time, so let’s do it together and with a few unfiltered conversations.

Welcome to Boyce757 - The Ryan and Christina Show may you walk away feeling a little better about your life due to how chaotic ours is.

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