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2016 Best & Worst Real Estate Investing Markets

Finding real estate investment deals are becoming harder and harder. You have to be creative to find off market deals and you need a top notch real estate agent who's focus is on working with investors. Even if your a seasoned investor or a greenhorn learning the ropes you will find that certain cities have less competition. If you can find these pockets where other investors have not infiltrated and saturated the market with flips then it could be a potential goldmine. You have to get creative and be fast to act when you find one of these unicorns.

As soon as one of your deals close in this untouched area, other investors will be on it faster than a hot knife through butter. When this happens investors start undercutting sales prices of other investors which inevitability reduces the ROI (return on investment). Once this happens enough times investors leave to find the next unicorn. I came across a great article written by Scott Trench on the BiggerPockets blog forums.

This article shows some of the best and worst cities for investing in 2016. Check it out and see if the market you are currently in made the list.

*If you are not familiar with BiggerPockets I highly recommend checking them out. It has been crucial to my real estate investing education.

Click the Picture to check out article!

*If you are thinking about investing in real estate in the Coastal Virginia/ Hampton Roads market feel free to reach out to me for any questions or potential collaborations.

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